Friday, August 21, 2009

BlizzCon: Night One

I know I already posted once today, but some things deserve mention. For the record, I was slightly skeptical about streaming the live feed over the internet. I thought it would suck, watching all the things I couldn't be there to see. However, I am so so so very glad Wilder talked me into it. Even disregarding the vanity pet you get (woot for Murloc Marines!), the show is totally worth it.

We watched the discussion panels while making dinner, checked out the trailers for the new expansion. It looks really wicked cool, by the way. I kind of like the it being heavy content, but only brief leveling. The graphics alone in the Cataclysm expansion are going to be worth the investment. Can you imagine relearning the terrain we all grew up on? Not to mention the heavy shift toward more player vs. player, with the introduction of formal hostile and neutral races into the current factions. I wonder if the Horde will get Booty Bay, Tanaris and Gagetzan as home cities, or if they will be wiped off the face of the player/ overrun with baddies?

Can any one say DeathWing? I shiver with anticipation to see all of the mysteries woven into the Lore of the World slowly come together in a tapestry so vivid and compelling that Blizzard outshines the sun. (If only briefly.) I'm really glad to see a lot of the old content get a new face, with an actual storyline to back it up. Even in my old world table top and text based gaming, the plot did it for me more than anything else. I adore the work put into the graphics, mechanics and game play, but the story is what gets me. Way to revamp your efforts and pull them back into the fold, guys. Gary Gygax would have been proud. No plot twist left behind.

The dance contest at the end of the broadcast was so amusing. I am really disappointed in the females that showed up to represent the real girls in WoW. (We do exist!) If only BlizzCon sponsored clever brunettes with witty blogs! No blood elf females danced on the red X and all the girls who attempted the Night Elf dance were people to lazy to learn to grind a pole. >.< There is a fluid motion with a rhythm and continuity. Sexy takes skills. (Mad props to the girl who did it in pointy ears and corset, though. That took guts and you looked great!) There was one girl who went all out, painted herself blue and wore a really awesome red wig to simulate that vibrant Troll hair color. She had a great shimmy, along with a fantastic roll of her hips. If she'd slowed down just a little and put a little more soul into her groove she'd have been perfect. As it stands, she was my favorite among the women. The ninjas weren't half bad either, trouped up to do a well timed and choreographed Blood Elf male (Napoleon Dynamite) routine. However, the best performance male side was the well executed Orc Male dance, complete with gold lame costume. Well played, my friend. Well played.

For part of the night, we hung out on Ventrilo and chatted up the developments with the guys in WDB. We're all pretty stoked about the upcoming changes. (assuming they don't release the new tier content starting in patches next week, right? >.<) Share the love amidst the guildies. :)

Anyway, for those of you who opted not to stream the feed, ... may better judgment come your way in the future. It really is well done and probably the closest second to actually being there as you can get.

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