Thursday, August 27, 2009

57 channels and nothin' on

I know I promised updates, but there really hasn't been much to report from the World. It seems that most of our guild has that last minute summer itch. I don't blame them. The draw of the final weeks of long, lazy evenings filled with golden light and a hazy warmth that lingers even after the sun has started to sink below the horizon is hard to resist. So live it up Indian Summer! It won't be much longer until the bone chilling cold settles in and the appeal of the World catches up with us all.

As far as raiding goes, the new schedule seems to be working out well for most of us. The renewed focus on single instance progression has sharpened our approach. Tuesday night we went into Ulduar 25 and one shot three of the bosses in the first quarter. Ignis, the giant-sized blacksmithing dwarf I mentioned before, was still a deal breaker.

But not for long.

We made great progress with him and over all, it was our best single night adventure in the ruined halls. Wednesday night's attempt didn't materialize for a number of reasons. (Damn you real world!) There may be another night of frivolity among the brainwashed masses in store for us yet, but it remains to be seen. We have our regularly scheduled Naxxramas adventure on Saturday. (That one will be fun to break down.)

As far as the ten man progressions go, it was another night of no shows. Our beloved priests Avatie and Grimcross had prior commitments and our second tank Wardone's computer has bitten the proverbial Dust. (It's a gratuitous Queen reference.) We managed to pull together a second group, only to be thwarted by the server gods! >.<

Blizzard apparently had a serious hardware malfunction in several areas that caused us to lose three team members. Apparently, it was not to be. We spent the evening with 7 people driving tanks and trying to amass enough dwarves to achieve nirvana (a.k.a. Dwarfageddon: the annihilation of 100 rune forged sentries within 10 seconds). It was a lot of fun, just hanging out with our people and having no agenda.

So, really, it was a couple of days of government timing - hurry up and wait. :)

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