Monday, March 16, 2015

Round Two: Ding!

After console gaming and other randomness for a few years, I am back to MMO life.Honestly, it is one of the best collaborative gaming experiences I've ever had; especially if you compare it to the interaction level one gets from Xbox live. (Sorry, FPS guys. XboxLive isn't cutting it on the social level).

I found my permanent guild home, with the amazing people of Phoenix, along with some of the other WDB core people from my last round of writing. Wardone, Daisymay, Primrib and I are the four musketeers of internet gaming, it seems. It illustrates my point perfectly, as some of the people I met in game have become lifelong friends outside it as well.

I say it all the time: If you don't MMO, you don't get it. It is the main reason why I chose to write about the gamelife this way, to highlight the great parts about social gaming for the uninitiated. We get a bad wrap outside the gaming community (and INSIDE it as well). Gamers are a funny bunch; we segregate ourselves by what we choose to play.

Of course, I started an immediate campaign of screenshots to document our moments together, even before the implementation of the "selfie camera" in patch 6.1. I will be uploading those screenshots periodically, to add a visual aid to my storytelling.

I will NOT always cover strats, or mechanics or the hardcore aspects of this game. Sometimes, I will talk about transmogging, or vanity pets, or silly conversations. It might be a raid boss snapshot. I might write about a particularly fun raid night's conversation, toys or achievements . There will be some of everything, so no poutypants stuff about my lack of specifics.

There is a certain amount of hilarity that comes from spending this kinda time with gamers and I want to share that more than anything else.

Really quickly, let's talk the newest World of Warcraft expansion. Warlords of Draenor is arguably the best content since Wrath of the Lich King dropped way back when. In terms of overall awesomeness rank, it's second on my list following Burning Crusade. (BC > WoD > Wrath > Cata > the ninja-panda one O.o). We've traveled back in time for this round of storyline, to stop the iron horde before it starts.

Blizzard has centralized dailies and farming by adding the garrison feature, where each player builds a stronghold as a base of operations. Like usual, the daily maintenance requirement is tedious but at least we aren't crawling over the map to find our daily quests this time. Also, it offers a chance to be more wholly self sufficient as a PC with the building choices tailored to your specific needs.

As far as raid mechanics go, this one is great. Movement heavy mechanics and long fight timers require more overall raid awareness and resource management. It's challenging and fun in the right combination.

I am really excited to share our misadventures with you, Internet. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Now, here's a dinosaur riding a motorcycle through Nagrand because it made me laugh.

(Honestly, there was a player character under that dinosaur and my angle and timing made it this gem. We all know dinosaurs don't ride motorcyles. ;) )

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